In today’s business landscape, it is almost impossible to grow your business without having a solid online presence and website. This need has fostered the growth of web design companies and a plethora of DIY Website Builders. In this article we are going to look at the pros and cons of each so that you can make an educated decision as to which way you should go for your website.

Web Design Companies

Let’s first look at web design companies, such as mine. The positives are that you will be able to work with someone who will listen to your goals and go the extra mile to ensure your vision is represented to the world wide web. They know coding and design, so they can mesh the two to make something functional, beautiful and mobile friendly. The website also belongs to you so should you decide to switch hosting providers or even web design companies you never lose control of your site or content.

The negatives are simply that not all web design companies are created equal in price or ability and it can show in the final product. First, the pricing is all over the board when you research online. You should be all too familiar with going from company site to company site and seeing the pricing for the same service ranging from $300 to $30,000. Each company is free to charge whatever they feel is representative of their work which is concerning to me for those who are charging $300 for a full website. If I were to give advice on this, I would say to pay close attention to their company website design, their portfolio and never be afraid to ask for references.

DIY Website Builders

So, what exactly are these DIY Website Builders? These are sites that allow you to sign up for free or pay a monthly fee to be able to build your website yourself without the need to know coding. Some of the most popular, and most heavily advertised, are Wix, GoDaddy or Squarespace.

The positives are that you some of the site builders can be used for free. That means a frugal business owner could have a web page promoting his business with no out of pocket cost. Of course, if there is a desire to have a custom domain name and other bells and whistles, then a monthly package would be needed, but the price points are affordable out of the gate.

The negatives are that the sites are very template based so your site will begin to look like other websites, which does not make you unique in the web space. Another issue is the lack of options for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course, there isn’t a need for good SEO in areas with low to no competition, but in those medium to large cities, SEO becomes essential in order to be seen by your potential customers over your competition. The final negative to me is the fact that the site is never fully in your control. This is a huge problem if you decide to leave their platform because they control your content on their servers.

Bottom Line

If you are good with having a nice template-based website that you built, then definitely give one of the DIY builders a go. Just remember that your site will be proprietary to their server and you won’t be able to take it with you should you decide to change hosting providers. Now if you don’t want the hassle of building the site on your own and want to have the freedom to take it wherever you may wander on the internet then definitely reach out to a web design company of your choosing. If you geek out on stuff like this and want to work with us here at Geek Digital then check out our website or give us a call at 833-GEEKOUT.

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